How the Victorian’s built Britain visit Spike Island – Interview with Michael Buerk –

This special episode of ‘How the Victorian’s built Britain’ focuses on crime and reform, visiting Spike Island Cork where John Crotty talks to host Michael Buerk about the super prison that was Ireland’s Alcatraz in… View Post

The world’s greatest explorer and the lost city of gold

The worlds greatest explorer found himself living on Spike Island Cork for three years

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RTE’s Nationwide visit Spike Island Cork – Interview with former manager John Crotty

In this interview RTE’s Nationwide discuss the future for the Irish Alcatraz, which only reopened to visitors in 2016 following major reinvestment, and close to two centuries being off limits to the general public. View Post

The warrior poet and the Dubliner – teacher Edward Walsh

Spike Island has had a long association with writers. Several former residents have published books, while a number of other visitors have inspired them, including former prisoners. These published works range from the adventures of… View Post

John Patrick Leonard – Our man in Paris

At a time when Spike Island was being carved up and commandeered for the defence of the British Empire, a curious thing happened.  A child was born on this tiny island in the early 19th… View Post

Ireland’s greatest prison escapologist

Escape from Spike Island prison seemed impossible, but that would not stop the daring. Prison escapes have long fascinated us, with incredibly popular movies like the Shawshank redemption and Escape from Alcatraz proving enduring hits.… View Post

Escape from Spike Island – April 1921

Spike Island opened as a prison for Irish Republican prisoners and internees in February 1921, while the Irish War of Independence raged and British Authorities was arresting more rebels than they could easily incarcerate. The… View Post