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John Crotty (left) and Vice Admiral Mark Mellett, Irish Defence Forces.

Summary – John Crotty is an Irish author hailing from County Waterford in the countries south. A frequent traveler, John has explored over 60 countries and visited many of the worlds wonders, satisfying a deep interest in Irish and global history. John has held CEO level positions including a six year spell as CEO at ‘Ireland’s Alcatraz‘, Spike Island Cork. John currently works in the public sector for Cork City Council in the Strategic and Economic development directorate, while providing consultancy based on previous experience.

John is presently writing non-fiction titles related to his former role as CEO of Spike Island Cork and historical sites both Irish and international, as well as fictional titles aimed at personal / business motivation and development. A first book is on the history of Spike Island is due for release in early 2024.

John is passionate about the stories of people and place, discovering and sharing history and folklore and seeing others succeed.

Detailed In his own words – I was born in West Waterford in a countryside home with an older sister and younger brother, enjoying a quiet ‘bungalow bliss’ upbringing in rural Affane, a townland near Cappoquin. I was fortunate to be raised in a home that appreciated books, from the regular arrival of Readers Digest to classic novels. My grandmothers instilled a love of reading from an early age, while our family contained many amateur historians steeped in the folklore and magic of the Déisi. From them I absorbed a love of story and a passion for the history of people and places.

Following a disappointing college drop out aged eighteen I lost five years to low motivation. I bounced around in entry level roles, knowing I could achieve more but not seeing my course. I worked in chicken factories, agricultural work, you name it. I am grateful for the work ethic and experiences they gave me, but felt there was more.

Motivated by the voice of instinct, I emigrated to the UK alone to seek travel and progression. My courage was rewarded in what proved a formative eleven year spell. After some start up and corporate success I was able to travel over fifty countries, places as diverse as Mexico, China, Australia, Japan, America, Israel, Jordan, Vietnam, Iceland, Russia and Turkey, as well as most European countries. Each was chosen for its historical and cultural past, with a focus on buildings rich in storytelling and world wonders. I have been obsessed with World Wonders all my life and this drove both my career and personal progression, and I continue to undertake travel often directed by the opportunity to see more sites.

Holidaying in Bali.

I have also always been a keen student of business books and methodology, becoming involved in start up aged just ten when I was organizing blow football leagues in my primary school at 50p a play, divvying out a prize to the winner and a cut for myself to feed a chocolate obsession.

I paid my own way through University in Britain and graduated with a business management degree from Swansea Met University. Subsequently I’ve undertaken master’s study with Cornell University through the Irish Management Institute and Failte Ireland. I see learning as a lifelong process that has no beginning and no end, and hope that by sharing my experience of losing time, I can help others avoid losing one day.

I have started and sold businesses in diverse fields, and second to history, business and those brave enough to undertake it interest me most.

Professionally I’ve worked his way from the factory floor to senior management roles, most recently operating as CEO of Spike Island Cork. In my current role I undertake Strategic and Economic Development work for Cork City Council, where I enjoy seeing the many projects underway that facilitate business development.

John Crotty – Trevi Fountain, Rome. John has a deep personal and family connection to the Italian city.

I love writing and my experience has led me to complete three titles, the first of which is a non-fiction historical work being published in 2024.

My experience of coming from a place of uncertainty has also led to fictional and business titles. .

John Crotty speaking to Ring of Cork members – 2019

I currently reside with my wife in County Cork, Ireland, in the first house we bought together.

We are making a home in a beautiful Irish setting, in a house over a bridge, by a stream in the forest, where a love of reading and writing continues…